ABOUT – Sharon Vaizer
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About me

My joy is having been fortunate enough to turn my passion into my profession. For me, each piece is a part of me. I would like pass on some of this joy to you.”

Nature is the main inspiration for my artwork - the hidden worlds of land and sea. My work resonates with the influence of nature’s amorphous forms, which are born from a multitude of different materials that coalesce into one single whole. I try to capture the wondrous beauty of nature in every single piece I create.

“In exchange I like to create and invest in projects using recycled materials– for me it is a privilege to deliver that message.

During my work process, through manipulation of the material, I explore the flexibility of multiple stylistic facets of the different materials with a focus on transforming those ordinary objects into extraordinary ones.

The quality of my work is characterized by meticulous craftsmanship and originality, a unique sense of creativity and material.

Each piece presents a personal seal – the ‘design language”, which I choose to speak -One of a Kind art piece.

I aspire to create my jewelry which will capture every eye and transform every woman into breathing masterpiece.

Being a proud mother of 2 beautiful boys, I enjoy bringing my world into their day to day life– teaching them about materials and exposing them to new art.