The concept

I get the endless inspiration for my work from the artwork of nature, the hidden worlds of land and sea. My works resonate with the influence of nature’s amorphous forms, which are born from a multitude of different materials that coalesce into one single whole. I try to capture the wondrous beauty of nature in every single piece I create.

“In exchange” for said inspiration, many pieces and projects are created using recycled materials. “I believe the strength of the use of recycled material in my work is in raising the awareness of the viewer – for me it is a privilege to deliver that message.”

During my work process, through manipulation of the material, I check the flexibility of multiple stylistic facets of the different materials (these days I am studying the qualities of plastic) with a focus on transforming those ordinary objects into extraordinary ones.

The quality of my work is characterized by meticulous craftsmanship and originality, a unique sense of creativity and material. Each piece presents a personal seal – the ‘design language”, which I choose to speak.

“My joy is having been fortunate enough to turn my passion into my profession. For me, each piece is a part of me. I would like pass on some of this joy to you.”

My resume

Shenkar College of Engineering & Design
B.A. in Jewelry Design Ramat Gan, Israel
New High School Art program: Manual and electronic graphics, drawing, registration, sculpting and art history. Ramat Gan, Israel

Professional experience
2010 – special body art and with body jewelry project with body paint artist: Einat Dan, Italy.
2010 – Work is sold in Museum Shops of Eretz Israel Museum,
Tel Aviv and the Tel Aviv Art Museum.
2006-2009 – Sales at Tel-Aviv art fairs around the country.
Jewelry supplier network Holmes Place.
2005-2006 – Opening and store in Johannesburg, South Africa.
2004-2005 – Exhibitions Jewish communities across the U.S.

Design companies
2010 – cooperation with fashion designers Meera Zvilnger and Sasson Kedem.
2008 – Internship at the German jewelry “Schmuck Company” in Germany and China.
Design of fashion accessories in for the chain “New-Yorker” in China.
Innovative Conceptual Design Project sunglasses factory in China.

2010 – Exhibition “Sequences Identities”, Israeli Jewelry 5.
2009 – Gallery Marzee Nijmegen (Netherlands) – International Exhibition of modern jewelry design graduates (Annual international Graduation Show 2009-Galerie Marzee).
2009 – Exhibition of Israeli Textiles Association.
2009 – An exhibition of fashion magazine “Silhouette”.
2009 – Plastic exhibition “Plasto Ispack” Exhibition Grounds (Tel-Aviv).

Wertzberger College, School of Arts & Crafts, Goldsmith’s work, wax sculpturing technique.

Link to Portfolio and Press,7340,L-3763124,00.html


contact me

    Sharon Vaizer

    Unique jewelry designer

    1st Rabi Pinchas St

    Tel Aviv, Israel